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Anonymous asked: i know everyone has been complaining about the new fic update, but frankly i love it!!!! i love the closure and improvement you had rae go trhough!! if they do have a season three, you should be a head writer because your ideas are amazing!! i love the way you wright!! im sooooo happy with this one its really friggen great and the connection between chloe and rae is accurate. ahhh ily!! have great year/week/day and happy easter! :)

Hello my lovely! Thank you so much!! No one’s really complained about it, I just think they have a lot of feels. :) I agree and that’s what I was going for. She’s been holding all these feelings in for so long that she just had to get them out or else they would continue to eat her alive. God, that would be amazing. I actually keep having this reoccurring dream where they make a US version and they find my story and ask me if they can use it. I then proceed to tell them the only way they can use my story is if they let me audition for Rae (cause I mean, who better to say my own words than me, right?). :] And I love YOU, dear nony! I hope you have a great everything as well! And thank you! Happy Easter to you, too! Hopefully the Easter Bunny brings you some goodies!! :D xx

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Anonymous asked: When's part 9 coming out? *sniffs* please don't make us wait haha Oh man, I feel so bad for Rae and Finn, that was so good BUT SO HORRIBLE

That’s exactly what my best friend said to me! Haha. I’m glad you liked it! I was actually really worried about this part. It gave me the most anxiety because it’s not necessarily happy and I was worried how people would react to it. I honestly don’t know when it’s coming out, though. Within the next few days most likely! :D

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Anonymous asked: No no no no no no no *le cries* uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyhyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why? Why????? WHY?!!! Uhhhhhhjhh *stars at wall* uhhhh Please uhhhhhh *starts laughing hysterically* uhhhhhhh why?

Eeeeeee! Sorry!!! It needed to happen! She needed the closure!! Please don’t hate me!!!