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anglophileyoungblood asked: Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

Aw shucks. :)

1. I’m pretty loyal. There’s honestly nothing I wouldn’t do for my family or friends.

2. I think I have a nice smile. Honest, genuine, bright. :) I get the most compliments on it or my hair (which I also really like but I was only allotted two things ;))

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Sam Evans


#this photoset is so important because it shows how far he’s come#when he did lose his virginity it was probably to an older woman who saw him as nothing more than a hot body to fulfill her fantasies#once again he was an object#the very thing he had been struggling with since his sophomore year at WMHS#but with Mercedes someone he loves deeply#someone he loves more than he has anyone else#when they make love it will be entirely new and different#no he won’t be losing his virginity but his heart and soul will be joining another person’s for the first time#and that’s even more beautiful#sorry i’m in my feelings and samcedes has ruined my entire life

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